From Conversation to Seduction

The city of London is a fabulous hive of entertainment, exploration and industry.  We live side by side, sometimes it feels like there isn’t an inch between us, and yet those connections have only made us and the city stronger.

When I leave my house in the morning what I see is a landscape of wild possibilities. I know that we all get tired of the guy who falls asleep on our shoulder on the tube, or the bluff and bluster of tourists, but for the most part London is a great place to play.  We’re free to be who we want and we’ve got plenty of money to spend.  But despite all the opportunities available to us, and all the people we come into contact with, I still get the sense that our city isn’t as open and loving as it could be.  We still find it hard to close the distance between each other and the question is why?  How do we go from conversation to seduction?

From high class escorts to millionaire businessmen and from market traders to chamber maids we’re all a hardworking part of this city. We put in the hours during the day so that at night we can reveal our dazzling plumage and dance.  But what’s the point of entertaining each other if we can’t close the deal?

As an escort I have to know how to converse with London gentlemen about an infinite number of subjects, and as a model I have to know how to strike a pose, but if I want more work in either job I also have to make people feel good when they’re with me.  The trick to this is warmth.

Londoners are great talkers but if they ever learnt how to be warm I’m pretty sure they’d take over the world.  When you decide to spend your time with high class escorts like me you’ll get to see what happens when you mix the plucky London spirit with a swirl of seduction.  Warmth and flirtation only ever lead to joy and connection so why not give them a go?  Trust me when I say that with a little more sauce this city could really sizzle!

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